Wedding Planning/Booking a Photographer – In a nutshell.

Now, I know there have been tons of these all over the place, so why another one? Let me start by saying that I have never been married, I’ve never planned my own wedding, but I’ve seen my dear friends do it, and what is the one thing they almost always regret? Their photographer.
This can be for a lot of reasons. They went with a cheap photographer and the photos were awful. Another one that I hear is that the photographer was THE WORST

DONT WORRY if you are planning a wedding, you CAN make it through this! Few things to remember:

Planning a wedding is super stressful, and when you’re looking at price tags things can be more difficult. Don’t forget to breathe, that happens a lot when I see my friends staring at all of their beautiful Pinterest ideas and realizing the reality of the “budget” wedding was made for someone else’s budget.

#2 Remember It’s Only ONE DAY

The whole idea that the wedding has to be an over-the-top, extravagant affair to be a day you will remember is a lie. My parents got married in a courthouse by a justice of the peace and they remember everything about that day, 25 years later. It’s okay to want an amazing day, but you have to look at the big picture, which is, it is YOUR day. You don’t need to impress everyone else. There is no point in over extending yourself because #becky had a bigger wedding than you, and a bigger butt, but you know, “Becky” got back. You are gonna spend your entire life with someone you love, don’t start it in debt.

#3 maybe… Delay the wedding?
By “delay” I DO NOT mean cancel, or put it off, or don’t do it. Hay nay. I’m saying, maybe 3 months isn’t a reasonable amount of time to pay for this shin-dig, maybe 6 months is more reasonable, or maybe even a year (while if you share the same faith I do, maybe waiting so long isn’t a good idea, if ya catch my drift *wink*). Honestly, if I was planning a wedding, I’d probably sit down and figure out how much time I would need to pay, be it, on my own, my fiance and I pay, my parents help, or they pay the full load. How much can any or all of us afford and for how long? Have a plan, maybe not for your entire life (I mean, I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner..) But for the wedding. Timelines are EVERYTHING.

The Grand FINALE!

So, the point of this post, most people’s biggest regret, PHOTOGRAPHER.

When you pick a photographer, what do you look at? Most people just look for the pretty pictures, then see the price tag, then go to the person who said they would do their photos for 300 dollars, or “Uncle Bob” offers to take them for free, that is who they go with. By the end you got a bunch of poorly exposed photos taken with the wrong lens, not using a flash, using TOO MUCH flash, or all of your important moments were missed because they didn’t know how to work the camera they got for Christmas, and they figured they would try a hand at the most IMPORTANT day of someone’s life. Yep.

When my friends get engaged one of the first things I ask about is the photographer, not for myself (I mean, there is sort of a motive behind asking, I have beautiful friends *wink*), I ask because one of the first things you should do besides reserving a venue is grab that date with a photographer. Yea, I know, crazy right. Wrong. Good photographers are usually booked way in advance, so if you don’t book your dream photographer soon, you might not have any other choice but “Uncle Bob.”

Now before you rush to book with someone, hear me out, RESEARCH is key when finding a photographer. I always suggest meeting them first, you need to know if you like this person, and I don’t mean, can I stand them, I mean, do I LIKE them, if you don’t enjoy your photographer’s company, your day is gonna be miserable, because the truth is, you might spend more time with the photographer that day than your spouse. And you would much rather leave your wedding feeling good about how the day went. Because the bride and/or groom + photographer will be leaving that venue like:

Case and Point: Research is KEY

 Things To Ask Your Phtographer

Now, I considered typing one of these out, but this list hit the nail on the head, and it’s easy to read, with zero GIFs (obviously I have an obsession)

When it comes to photographers, two things, like their photos, like them as a person. Those are important. Plus it is ALWAYS nice to make a friend. Speaking of meeting the photographer (here comes the pitch, just kidding.. sort of)

This January I will be at the Phoenix Convention Center for the Arizona Bridal Show! Myself(Shaleena) and my second shooter(Terisa) will be there, along with my hair and makeup artist(Naomi). Tickets can be bought here.

YOU MADE IT!!! Here is a present in the form of Jane The Virgin dancing to Hot in Herr

You got this, I believe in you.

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