Hey there, I'm Shaleena!

Shaleena Danielle

Fine art photographer | Story Teller

Arizona + Worldwide

I live off tea and hot sauce.  I love anything and everything Audrey Hepburn, JLaw, Emilia Clarke, and Meryl Streep. I wish I could always dress up classy and fashionable, but my truth is jeans, boots, and flannel. I see opportunities for photos in everything. My goal is to create meaningful photos that hang on your walls and printed on pages for your grandchildren to see and feel. I do this, because after we are gone, all that remains is our stories, and our stories are told through photographs..

I want to help you make your photos something to treasure for generations.

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meet shaleena

Hey, it's me, Shaleena, lover of black and white and cracker of bad jokes. I'd love to be the perfect photographer with the PERFECT messy bun and adorable personality. Honestly, I am just plain weird. I crack jokes that no one understands, I make references to TV shows most people have forgotten, and I, in NO WAY, look cute in a messy bun ya'll, it ain't pretty. 

I have yet to master the cute selfie, or the perfect food blogger photos. I don't have a super handsome husband or adorable kiddos to talk to you all about. It's just me... and my dog. My idea of a perfect day is Star Trek, Mexican food and a really strong margarita on the rocks.

My sensitive and very fragile, big dog. My love of spicy food, sci fi, period dramas, subtle sarcasm, curly hair, and my endless string of bad dad jokes.

Known for:

“I am notorious for making impassioned speeches about things nobody cares about.”
― Mindy Kaling