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about shaleena

Hey, it's me, Shaleena, lover of black and white and cracker of bad jokes. I'm 25. I've been finished college twice, and I can never decide how I want to keep my room. Honestly, I am just plain weird. I crack jokes that no one understands, I make references to TV shows most people have forgotten, and I, in NO WAY, look cute in a messy bun ya'll, it ain't pretty.

The best kind of laughter is laughter born of a shared memory.
& we are about to have many

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I'm usually found on my computer, with Nat King Cole playing on my turntable, building a website, working on social media marketing, pinterest, shopping for things I probably can't afford, or playing Minecraft... or maybe The Sims... OR Age of Empires, the OG Portal. I'm a bit of a semi old school gamer.

I live off tea and hot sauce. I love anything and everything Audrey Hepburn, JLaw, Emilia Clarke, and Mindy Kailing. I wish I could always dress up classy and fashionable, but my truth is jeans, converse, and a t-shirt.

I have yet to master the cute selfie, or the perfect food blogger photos. I don't have a super handsome husband or adorable kiddos to talk to you all about. It's just me... and my dog. My idea of a perfect day is Star Trek, Mexican food and a really strong margarita on the rocks.

“Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.”

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my philosphy

My entire business is built around memories and feelings. The memories and feelings are yours, and mine... through the process we become like friends, and every part of your session or event, even the film medium I use, is tailored to how to best suit your needs & feelings; your life's art.
My ideal client is someone that has an immediate connection with me, and so far, I have been lucky enough to work with and create bonds with such like minded people. I want to walk out of our experience, with not just a client for life, but a friend for life. If you think that we are kindred spirits, feel free to contact me! We can get some coffee... or tequila shots, your choice.

"There's no better way to tell others that they can win but by living your dreams."


We met Shaleena at the Bridal show of January 2018. We went hoping to cross one item off of our ever-growing list. It was an overwhelming event, to say the least. We stopped, and I briefly chatted with her, it was reassuring that she wasn't enjoying all the chaos either. I won a free engagement session, so it felt meant-to-be. Vince and I are not exactly camera friendly, but Shaleena made us feel a lot more comfortable as time went on. We literally signed our contract with her in the parking lot that same day! Our engagement photos turned out just as beautiful as I was picturing; she also got them all to us that night!!
As the wedding got closer, I received regular emails from Shaleena checking in and hoping we hadn't decided to call it off yet. lol We couldn't have made a better choice in choosing her! She was fun, hard-working and completely dedicated from day one to wedding day. She was on the move the entire wedding! She knew exactly how to make us all laugh and turn those moments in beautiful photos. We couldn't be happier with how our photos turned out. And we will forever be grateful to her for going above and beyond for us. p.s She's also a great time, try tempting her with tequila ;)

- Vince and Ciara

Kind words

I wandered through the Phoenix bridal show, terrified and overwhelmed. I had been chased by eye cream wielding European men to my absolute wits end.
And then, I found Shaleena. Her booth was understated, purposeful and quiet. She was exactly what I was looking for. A few minutes of talking, and I knew we were kindred spirits.
Fast forward to my wedding day and she was there with bells on. Beautifully dressed, professional and joyful to be around. She’s exactly what you want while you’re dropping you’re brand new makeup palette and breaking your nose ring. She’s also what you want when you’re hugging your maid of honor you haven’t seen in person in 8 years and seeing your groom for the first time. She has an ingrained sense of what’s important and to say my wedding photos are beautiful is almost an injustice. Shaleena, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing all the good that existed on that day.

- Brad and Lauren

Kind words

If I could give Shaleena more than 5 stars I would without a doubt. Not only is she is OUTSTANDING at her job, she is very sweet and so easy to get along with as well. Words can’t describe how happy I am with my engagement photos!!! Honestly, the day of the shoot I wasn’t feeling 100% confident in the way I looked but Shaleena somehow made EVERY picture look flawless. SHE. IS. MAGIC. I am in love with her style of photos and couldn’t be any happier with the outcome of my session. Look no further for your photographer because this amazing gal will not let you down!!!

Thank you A BUNCHES Shaleena!

- Emely

Kind words

My goal is to create meaningful photos that hang on your walls and are printed on pages for your grandchildren to see and feel. I do this, because after we are gone, all that remains is our stories, and our stories are told through photographs..




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**while the majority of my work is couples, I also do other kinds of PORTRAITURE, please contact me if interested in viewing other galleries

The Experience

First: we get the communication started! As soon as you message me the friendship begins... I message you about what your looking for, and arrange to meet up for coffee, or dinner, or drinks! 
Next: We have that coffee, get to know each other, & we talk about how you met your love, about your kids, jobs, likes, and dislikes. We talk about your session, and what your dream is for your session. I tell you what to expect from your session, how long it takes, and give you tips. 

“One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.”

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It's the moment you've been waiting for - your session is here! 

I will always message you the day before to make sure that everything is still good to go, and to remind you of everything you have to have ready.

The day of your session we'll go to the location and get ready to start. stray hairs are smoothed, upturned collars are flattened, and then the fun begins!  Your first few photos will be test shots.  During photos I chat with you working to get genuine laughs and smiles. I have no interest in Vaseline smiles, I want everything to be natural and fun. Most of my locations are large parks, with lots of things to see, so we'll move around and maybe even explore a bit.

 I like to spend as much time with you as possible, this helps me make sure we get the best possible outcome with your photos, so expect your session to take between 1 and 3 hours. My main goal, is your happiness with your session experience.

after our meeting, i help you with everything, from outfits, to locations, to posing, to the film style you want. Everything you need, i am there to help.

“Real life isn’t a straightforward comedy.”

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The experience

After your session is complete the magic begins! First, I send your film into the lab to be scanned, and tweaked to look as beautiful as possible. This takes up to two weeks, depending on how fast the lab can process your film. When the film is received, I start on the digitals! 
I tweak each photo to match the film perfectly, so much so, you wont even be able to tell which ones are film and which ones are digital!
This process takes a max of 4 days. 
Then you get your photos! They are delivered to you via internet gallery, where you can buy your prints, share your photos, and enjoy your photos!

"There's no better way to tell others that they can win but by living your dreams."



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When it comes to photographing my wedding couples, I have an incredible passion for life, love, and documenting the emotional moments that add meaning to their lives. My approach to photography is natural and relationship-oriented; I love to get to know my clients before putting them in front of the lens. I want to hear all about your love story and you as individuals; so I can tell it in light and color. 

I want to create a special vision together with you, immortalizing the bonds, emotions, and moments that can't be re-lived or replaced. Beautiful photographs are emotional moments frozen in time for you to remember and revisit with family, friends, or a quiet moment alone.  I strive to create images that will be cherished for many, many generations. I strive to preserve your legacy. 

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All sessions must be booked in advance of at least two weeks. a retainer is required to reserve your spot.






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