Hey, it's me, Shaleena, lover of black and white and cracker of bad jokes. I'd love to be the perfect photographer with the PERFECT messy bun and adorable personality. Honestly, I am just plain weird. I crack jokes that no one understands, I make references to TV shows most people have forgotten, and I, in NO WAY, look cute in a messy bun ya'll, it ain't pretty.

I have yet to master the cute selfie, or the perfect food blogger photos. I don't have a super handsome husband or adorable kiddos to talk to you all about. It's just me... and my dog. My idea of a perfect day is Star Trek, Mexican food and a really strong margarita on the rocks.

I'm usually found on my computer, with Ugly Betty playing on my phone, building a website, working on social media marketing, pinterest, shopping for things I probably can't afford, or playing Minecraft... or maybe The Sims... OR Age of Empires. I'm a bit of a semi old school gamer. 

I live off tea and hot sauce. I love anything and everything Audrey Hepburn, JLaw, Emilia Clarke, and Meryl Streep. I wish I could always dress up classy and fashionable, but my truth is jeans, boots, and flannel. I see opportunities for photos in everything. My goal is to create meaningful photos that hang on your walls and printed on pages for your grandchildren to see and feel. I do this, because after we are gone, all that remains is our stories, and our stories are told through photographs..
I want to help you make your photos something to treasure for generations.

I'm shaleena... and I'm very strange

about the artisit

All kinds! I'm mainly a portrait and wedding photographer, but I do landscapes, newborns, birth, proposals, elopements. 
Whatever you need, I gotchu!

I don't like to put myself in a box. If I find I'm losing my passion for my craft I have to switch it up, find out who I am again, and get back to it. Which is why I will never overbook, or only do one type of photography.

This girl got ADHD and doesn't want to get bored. 

What kind of photography do you do?

YES!!! I am a firm believer in "community over competition"
The photography community can be a rather hostile place, and I found that out rather quick when I started a business and my mentor at the time wasn't happy about it. 

I will not be that person.

I mentor photographers, even if they are second shooting for me. NEVER be afraid to ask me a question, because I have been there, and I've been met with a hostile answer before, and I made a promise to myself that I would always do my best to be kind to everyone I work with.

Interested in working with me? Shoot me a message! I am always willing to take on assistants and seconds!

Do you work with/mentor other photographers?

My style is classic, emotion based. I'm not looking for a "hallmark shot" I'm looking for the emotion, the love, the tears, the anticipation. I have a sense of what to photograph, even little things that might not seem important. 
I use both digital, and film to get the full effect of timeless photos. Film has been around for over 100 years and it will continue to live on for another 100 year because of people like myself who love history and collecting moments.

I don't view myself as a "light and airy" photog. Bright and colorful is what I look for, like myself. I adapt to your personality as well and remain true to my style.

Whats my Photography Style?

Megan, my PREFERRED second (atlas rose photography), Hi-Fiving one of our brides.

teaching my best friend to use a film camera, I had cacti in my hands but it was worth it

I am so excited to connect with you!


Thank you!

We'll be in touch soon!