About me

Hey there. My name is Shaleena. I suppose I can start telling you about myself from the beginning. I was born in a town called Edina, no it is certainly not in Arizona, it's in Minnesota. When I was about 7 years old we moved to Arizona. So I have been here for nearing 20 years. If you ask my parent's about when I started taking photos they would say pretty much from birth. At a very young age I had an obsession with cameras and they had to regularly make sure that the film was NOT in the cameras or you could guarantee that most of that film would be developed into awkwardly framed photos of the cat. Eventually they would buy a digital camera, one with floppy disks, allow me to take more awkwardly framed photos of the cat, and quickly learn to keep the disks out of my reach too. That obviously didn't stop me. I took my first portraits at 12, and photographed my first wedding at 13. I slowly fell out of photography until I was about 17, and I took engagement photos for one of my friends. I then decided that I wanted to take pictures professionally (like every girl with a camera) My interest faded in and out, then faded, and faded, until I picked up my grandfather's Canon AE-1 35mm film camera. I rekindled my love for photography, and now here I am.

I'll be honest, you are probably reading this deciding if I will be your wedding photographer, I could tell you that love is my specialty, and I know it through and through, the truth is, I don't. I am not in love, and have never been. What I thrive in is story telling. That is what my photos do, I don't just want the adorable poses that you have pinned on your Pinterest of your dream wedding, I want to tell a story, not just any story, your story. What is your story? Are you the perfect magazine couple? Or are you the sticky sweet couple? The awkward couple? The quirky couple? The geeky couple? Or the chill couple? I don't just cater to the glamour, but everyone, all kinds of people. I'm not just a photographer, I am an artist, a story teller. It would be my privilege to tell your story

Seniors + Couples + Weddings + Families + Maternity + Birth + Newborns and beyond.

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