About Shaleena

couples who's stories I have told

For me, I decided you were the keepers of my legacy, as I am the preserver of yours. Every photo is special to me and  every human I photograph is special to me. This is why I try to use timeless mediums like film. Film has been around for a hundred years and it will continue on, just like your life and your life in your photos. This is what you mean to me.

My little stats on the side of this page seem insignificant in comparison to those incredible photographers who photograph HUNDREDS of weddings a year, but to me, I remember each one of them, I remember the family, I remember the moments like they were my own, because I selected you to give a little bit of my soul to. 


photos I have taken


years i have been telling stories


years of my lifespan


KIND WORDS from lovely humans


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