About Shaleena

As a child I loved art, and eventually I got a hold of my parent's cameras I would click away until the film was all exposed with photos of the cat and the television. I adore gardens, and impossible things. The secret garden, Alice in wonderland, and the Nutcracker are all my favorite movies. If I could live in a world of impossible things I would be happy forever...

I was born in Edina, Minnesota. I grew up listening to Selena and Nirvana. My parents taught me what it was like to work for what I had, and the pride that comes with seeing your hard work become something beautiful. I've always been a silly person. I used to stand on top of my gym and salute before I went down the slide and fall into the snow.

 For me, I decided you were the keepers of my legacy, as I am the preserver of yours. Every photo is special to me and every human I photograph is special to me. I remember each one of them, I remember the family, I remember the moments like they were my own, because I selected you to give a little bit of my soul to. This is why I try to use timeless mediums like film. Film has been around for a hundred years and it will continue on, just like your life and your life in your photos. This is what you mean to me.

KIND WORDS from lovely humans


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