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Preview | Julian + Ruby | Goldwater Lake, Prescott, AZ

Oh em geeeee! Here I am writing a blog the day after the session and two weeks before I will see my film, oh well, guess I will have to update with the film later? Anyway! This was so much fun, and that includes the rather long car ride from Apache Junction to Prescott.

I got to know Julian and Ruby a lot on this ride, including song choices and what everyone looks like when falling asleep in the car. However the most amazing part was definitely the session.

This was my first time at Goldwater lake, I’d never been, I only saw a photo from Manda Lane Photography that sparked my adventure bug.

A teal blue lake, towering trees, and a beautiful couple was what I saw, and I needed to go, and I needed to go with Julian and Ruby. And of course I had decided on my film medium the moment I saw the color of Ruby’s dress. Bright yellow and the teal lake told me that Ektar was my film of choice.

Sooooooo Exciting!

Here is a little preview of their engagement session, unofficial, since I dont have the film back but I just cant help it. Enjoy

“When you put your arms around me I’m home”

Ugh beautiful, I can’t wait to post an updated blog with their film, since I’m sure it will be even more amazing than the digital photos.

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