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Every session begins with an initial in-person consultation so we can get to know one another. I would love to meet over a cup of tea or coffee and learn more about you and your family, your goals for the portrait session, and ideas for decorating your home. I will also show you my beautiful print products in-person to give you a feel for the final outcome of your session.

Once you’ve decided on the right photography package for your family, we’ll go ahead and get the date booked for your photo session! In order to reserve your day, a non-refundable 30% session fee deposit and a signed contract are required. I’ll work with your schedule to find a perfect day and time for the session!

maternity + Newborn 

How does it work?

How much?

Before you panic over pricing, send me a message. I have multiple collections with several options, some with prints, and even archival albums. I will gladly tailor your package to your budget. Everyone deserves a photographer they can be confident in, and I have worked with many people to make sure they get beautiful photos. I also offer session styling for an additional $85. Makeup, outfits, accessories, location. I do it all so you don't need to, even the shopping!
Send me a message, let's dream up your perfect session.
Maternity: $350 | Family: $385-600 | Lifestyle Newborn: $385
I accept credit/debit, cash, zelle, cashapp, and check.
*Travel fees may be charged dependent on location. $75 retainer required to secure session date.

maternity + Newnorn

what does it cost?


Maternity + Newborn

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“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
– Michael Scott

  A good photographer isn’t an expense - it’s the best investment you can make when planning your wedding, documenting the stages of your child's life, or just having a session with you, and your love. These are the most important times in your life; the start of your life & family together. Your photos will live on for generations to feel, love, & enjoy.

 I like to keep my pricing simple, so I offer three collections to choose from based on your budget and timing needs. If you need a more personalized package based on needs or budget, feel free to contact me! I offer A la cart pricing for weddings & events, & I am always willing to create custom packages to meet your specific needs.
 I also offer payment plans for weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly payments as low as $50. It doesn't have to be a wedding to make payments, but I take payment for weddings too, and you don't have to be rich to have beautiful photos of your family, your business, or anything else that is important in your life. I believe that beautiful photos are a right, not a privilege. 

A good Photographer is an investment

Not an expense, or a luxury

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I accept credit/debit, cash, zelle, cashapp, and check.

True to life and color, a little punchy, not exactly light and airy. My editing is film based, and I shoot in film as well. The common films I use are Gold 200, Ektar 100, and Portra 800. 

How would you define your style?

Nope. I do not give Raw photos or sign over my copywrites to you. The photos are strictly mine, you can have your edits, but not the Raws. 

do you deliever the raw files?

Yes! I do minor retouching. Blemish removal, correcting tans, taking those pesky phones out of pockets. I do not photoshop your body, or retouch your weight.  You are beautiful how you are, and the right photographer will adapt their posing and shooting to your body style to make you feel your most beautiful. 

Do you do retouching?

Basic sessions usually are completed with 20-40 edited images, sometimes more. Weddings can be anywhere from 400-1000 photos depending on the amount of time I am taking pictures at your event.

how many photos will i get?

I'm more candid style. I get goofy, maybe play some music, tell bad jokes. My goal is to get natural reactions. I'll put you in a spot and let your personality shine through. Even if it needs a little coaxing. 

Do you pose a lot during photos?

The turn around time for you complete and curated gallery is around two to three weeks, sometimes less, depending on when your film rolls come back from the lab. You will however have previews within 48 hours of your session. 
*Wedding turn around time is 8-10 weeks, Sometimes less. 

How long will it take to get my photos?

Frequently asked ?'s

You have questions? I have answers!

Why? Well, when it comes to documenting something very important in your life, you want to be completely sure that when the shutter snaps, the person behind it has done this many times before. A true professional photographer has taken countless photos in a vast array of lighting circumstances, weather conditions, backgrounds, subjects, and with a multitude of distractions, and yet is still able to deliver a consistent set of photographs.

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


A common misconception about photography is that the outcome of an image is dictated by the quality and expense of the equipment taking it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth; in fact, if you gave an experienced photographer a pinhole camera and an amateur an expensive digital setup, chances are the experienced photographer with the pinhole camera will produce more artistic, pleasing images than the amateur. Great imagery truly has very little to do with the equipment taking it. An experienced photographer’s eye for angles and light will go many times father in terms of producing an amazing image than any special kind of equipment. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


When you hire a professional photographer, you’re not just hiring a technician - you’re hiring an artist! Photography can get pretty technical, but in the end, it’s an art-form. When you view a photographer’s portfolio online or during an in-person consultation, you’re most likely swooning over their personal style, which has taken them many years, experimentation, and hard to work to perfect. Unlike just anyone with a smartphone, you can also expect a professional to reproduce this style again for your images. Only through years of experience can a professional photographer produce a consistent artistic “look”. If you want your images to look like the images you see in a portfolio, your best bet is to hire a professional. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


A truly experienced professional photographer knows that photographing a special event or taking portraits isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s a process. Providing a stress-free, smooth client experience takes time to cultivate. Asking the right questions during an initial consultation to make sure the photographer and client are on the same page is just as important as having technical skills behind the lens. Additionally, a great photographer has experience with interior design and can take photographs with the end product in mind, whether that’s a large wall hanging for your living room or a coffee table look-book for guests to enjoy when they visit your home. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


Professional photographers understand that each client has different goals for their images and are able to tailor their customer service experience as well as actual photographs to clients. Professionals can also confidently offer realistic time-frames for deliverables, offer high-quality photo prints and products that aren’t available to the general public, and can color correct images for printing so they look their absolute best on your wall or in your heirloom photo album that’s crafted to last decades. From an initial consultation all the way to delivering a wall hanging, offering a photography service to clients is a long process that only a professional can deliver well.

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


I can’t wait to get started with you. Let’s open the conversation with a free initial consultation! In it, we will go over my services, portfolio, and most importantly, your personal story, which I would be honored to tell through beautiful imagery. Please reach out to me anytime!

C: 602.688.3319

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


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