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I am 30, living in Arizona. I am a spicy Puerto Rican with a love of history, hiking, diy projects, and capturing photos that look like they're from a Jane Austin novel. My dog Ronan passed in September. I could say more, but you can read more on the next slide. 

  So why me? Why should I be the one to take your photos? Honestly? I'm not the type to sell myself on my skills and experience, there is ALWAYS someone who is more skilled or experienced than you. What I can tell you is I have over 10 years of experience, am skilled in my trade, and I'm always learning; but you can see that already! 

So how do you choose your photographer? Love who they are! Make sure your weird, matches their weird. So here are some things about me; let's find out if our weirds match! 

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There's plenty of time to solve this thing, but you got to stop using your mouth and start using your brain! - Col. John Sheperd

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**read a tribute to ronan by clicking here.

Hai, I am Shaleena, Leena, Shae, Bean.
I'm OG from Minnesota, laaaand of thick accents and many lakes. I have been taking photos all my life. I am also a graphic designer, website designer, and writer. Basically, if you wanted a whole rebranding experience, I could take your pictures, design your logo, AND build your website!

So how'd I start doing photography? I guess that is the most frequent of frequently asked questions. I've just always had an obsession with cameras. How they work, the way the shutter sounds, how that tiny machine turned light into an image on film, and that started when I was maybe two years old. My parents used to bring the film in to develop and find out I used it all on random things around the house. Including photos of the cat's butt. Sorry, not sorry. 

I did my first ever wedding at 13 with my 4mp Kodak Easy-Share camera. I didn't get paid, but I had an amazing time. I've been taking photos consistently ever since, basically that was my first hit of photography.

this chick

DOG MOM, puerto rican, collector of cameras + funko pop

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**read a tribute to ronan by clicking here.

  Photography has always been very special to me. I love history, memories, beauty; My aim is to capture everything. Including the moments you thought I didn't notice.

  I photograph every aspect of your life. My goal with my business is to make sure you never need another photographer. From the moment you say "I do" to bringing your first child into the world, I am here; here to witness, to experience, to feel. I'm an empath, so I genuinely feel what you feel, everything. Your excitement, your love, your happiness, your sorrow.

  Photography is my passion, my calling, and being able to be your friend or become like family through this process is one of the great privileges of my liferight under being a Tia to my siblings' children of course.

Your friend

“If everything is awesome, and there is no unawesome, then awesome by definition is just mediocre!”

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**read a tribute to ronan by clicking here.

I enjoy playing video games, reading, coloring, crafting & much much more. I am always taking webinars & shadowing other photographers to learn to be the best I can be. I am always learning, improving, & experimenting. I am a huge believer in helping others the best you can. 

I am a Jehovah's Witness. I decided to get baptized when I was 13 & I have been carrying on ever since. My faith is important to me, it is the reason I am who I am, the reason I love ALL people.

I understand that some people may not agree with my lifestyle & beliefs, that's okay. If I am not the girl for you I would be more than happy to give you recommendations to find your perfect photographer fit. Just send me a message & ask for a referral & I will send an alert out to our very large photography community of all shapes, sizes, genders, races & beliefs. 

clueless with intention

working on a 5 year plan, just need to choose a font.
- chuck bartowski

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**read a tribute to ronan by clicking here.

I laugh at my own jokes and I have conversations with myself. I love everything I see in Target and I like to roll on the back of the cart.
I don't have children but I have two nieces and four nephews. One in AZ, three in Texas, & two with my sister in IL. I try to visit as much as I can. 
I am a dog mom without a dog yet. My dear sister breeds Irish Wolfhounds, the next litter she has will have my new baby in it. I intend to be there when they are born so I can pick my little girl right when she enters the world. I'm super excited to have her and bring her to ALL the sessions I can so everyone can know and love her like everyone knew and loved my dear Ronan.

My name is Shaleena, and my life and purpose is to capture your unscripted moments.

Am I the one? Do you like what you see? Wanna go on an adventure? Send me a message.

just me

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”
— Walt Whitman


- Shaleena Danielle

**read a tribute to ronan by clicking here.

My baby boy passed away from an unknown illness on September 30th, 2022. From his first symptoms to his death it was less than 8 hours. It's easy to blame yourself for what happened, especially as a vet tech. The truth is there was nothing I could have done.

Ronan was 6 when he died. I got him as a puppy over 6 years ago, he was chunky, afraid of everything, and I was enamored with him.

Ronan Dex


Ronan was my "photo assistant" he was always great at making clients laugh and smile. He had a silly personality and was described as a bull in a china shop, but he was also called Ferdinand. 

He was patient, loved everyone, and he was my best friend. He was always happy when I'd get home from work; he would even jump around and talk to me.

I think I loved most how kind and gentle he was with the kids. He loved them, and they loved him.

So Loved

We will forever miss you, baby. You brought a light to my life and helped me through dark times. You were always there when I was sick or sad. Even if it meant you had to hold your bladder all day.

You were the best, and there will never be another you.

We love you. We miss you.

We Miss You

My ultimate advice:

Love your photographer, not only for their work, but who they are as a human being. that's the most important thing you can ever do for your wedding and yourself.


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Why? Well, when it comes to documenting something very important in your life, you want to be completely sure that when the shutter snaps, the person behind it has done this many times before. A true professional photographer has taken countless photos in a vast array of lighting circumstances, weather conditions, backgrounds, subjects, and with a multitude of distractions, and yet is still able to deliver a consistent set of photographs.

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


A common misconception about photography is that the outcome of an image is dictated by the quality and expense of the equipment taking it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth; in fact, if you gave an experienced photographer a pinhole camera and an amateur an expensive digital setup, chances are the experienced photographer with the pinhole camera will produce more artistic, pleasing images than the amateur. Great imagery truly has very little to do with the equipment taking it. An experienced photographer’s eye for angles and light will go many times father in terms of producing an amazing image than any special kind of equipment. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


When you hire a professional photographer, you’re not just hiring a technician - you’re hiring an artist! Photography can get pretty technical, but in the end, it’s an art-form. When you view a photographer’s portfolio online or during an in-person consultation, you’re most likely swooning over their personal style, which has taken them many years, experimentation, and hard to work to perfect. Unlike just anyone with a smartphone, you can also expect a professional to reproduce this style again for your images. Only through years of experience can a professional photographer produce a consistent artistic “look”. If you want your images to look like the images you see in a portfolio, your best bet is to hire a professional. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


A truly experienced professional photographer knows that photographing a special event or taking portraits isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s a process. Providing a stress-free, smooth client experience takes time to cultivate. Asking the right questions during an initial consultation to make sure the photographer and client are on the same page is just as important as having technical skills behind the lens. Additionally, a great photographer has experience with interior design and can take photographs with the end product in mind, whether that’s a large wall hanging for your living room or a coffee table look-book for guests to enjoy when they visit your home. 

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


Professional photographers understand that each client has different goals for their images and are able to tailor their customer service experience as well as actual photographs to clients. Professionals can also confidently offer realistic time-frames for deliverables, offer high-quality photo prints and products that aren’t available to the general public, and can color correct images for printing so they look their absolute best on your wall or in your heirloom photo album that’s crafted to last decades. From an initial consultation all the way to delivering a wall hanging, offering a photography service to clients is a long process that only a professional can deliver well.

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


I can’t wait to get started with you. Let’s open the conversation with a free initial consultation! In it, we will go over my services, portfolio, and most importantly, your personal story, which I would be honored to tell through beautiful imagery. Please reach out to me anytime!

C: 602.688.3319

a little guide to the whys, do's, and dont's of pro photographers


why hire a photographer ?

What is my photo style?

My Philosophy

My entire business is built around memories and feelings. The memories and feelings are yours, and mine... through the process we become like friends, and every part of your session or event, even the film medium I use, is tailored to how to best suit your needs & feelings; your life's art.

During your session I get you giggling, laughing, smiling. No forced smiles. No cheesy poses. Candid, raw, real. I want you to look at your photos and feel something, because when I send you a gallery, it's not of pictures, it's of moments, memories.

My ideal client is someone that has an immediate connection with me, and so far, I have been lucky enough to work with and create bonds with such like minded people.

I want to walk out of our experience, with not just a client for life, but a friend for life. If you think that we are kindred spirits, feel free to contact me! We can get some coffee... or tequila shots, your choice


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I accept credit/debit, cash, zelle, cashapp, and check.

Had our family photos done and WOW! Shaleena did such an amazing job!! I couldn't have asked for more when it came to the photos! And the fact that you can order prints from her was a must!! She was super flexible with time and didn't mind waking up at the crack of dawn to take our photos before the AZ heat killed us!! Definitely will be having more pictures taken by her in the future!! Thank you so so much!!!
10/10 !!!

Pichardo Family

Working with Shaleena was so enjoyable! She knew her way around the location so well which made our session run smoothly. She played music which helped me relax and capture some fun shots. She was very accommodating with my request for my brand shoots and I received my photos in a short time so I can use them for my business already. I would love to work with her again in the future!

Serena Beach

Velasquez Family

Shaleena was amazing! Not only was she willing to come to us (our home) due to our young child, she was extremely patient with our little one during the photo session. She captured some special moments and we are so excited to do another session this fall! (2020)

Curiel Family

I was so worried about an in home shoot not being nice enough, but Shaleena came and delivered! She captured our family and new living space perfectly! We worked with a gloomy, super windy day and she got the cutest pictures/ Per the usual. I originally met Shaleena back in 2017 and she has been taking our photos ever since. She is super accommodating (when possible) and responds quickly if you have questions. Most importantly she is SUPER patient with kids if you have them, she is great dealing with them. Looking forward to more shoots with her in the future to capture ALL the memories!

Kathy + Rich

We had our couples shoot this past Sunday (5/9) and not only was it short and sweet, but fun and full of the most fun energy. Shaleena did an amazing job catching our best shots and made us both feel comfortable! The pictures say it all, can’t wait to get our entire family together for another session.

Roman Family

Shaleena never disappoints! She listens to what you want and delivers. Being our photographer through the years you can see how well she has mastered her skill in photography and is absolutely natural and executes it all very well! ♥️

sharp Family

Shaleena has done three sets of photos for us now, a pregnancy announcement at home, a maternity set at home, and a family set in the desert and with all three shoots she’s gone above and beyond in making us (especially our three year old who can be... moody) have fun ! I love that she doesn’t focus on doing posed shots but just us having fun with a little bit of guidance on what would look best in the photo which makes things look much more natural. We cherish the photos we have gotten with her and will continue to use her every year for an updated family session. 

I wandered through the Phoenix bridal show, terrified and overwhelmed. I had been chased by eye cream wielding European men to my absolute wits end. And then, I found Shaleena. Her booth was understated, purposeful and quiet. She was exactly what I was looking for. A few minutes of talking, and I knew we were kindred spirits. Fast forward to my wedding day and she was there with bells on. Beautifully dressed, professional and joyful to be around. 

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Lauren + Brad

She’s exactly what you want while you’re dropping you’re brand new makeup palette and breaking your nose ring. She’s also what you want when you’re hugging your maid of honor you haven’t seen in person in 8 years and seeing your groom for the first time. She has an ingrained sense of what’s important and to say my wedding photos are beautiful is almost an injustice. Shaleena, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing all the good that existed on that day.

Tiscareno Family

Our family shoot photos are absolutely wonderful and we couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Shaleena was referred by a friend. She has a way of capturing naturally beautiful moments and instead of forcing cheesy poses. She is also unbelievably easy to work with very friendly and kind. My 8 year old loved her jokes and she capture beautiful natural giggles of him I will treasure them forever. Shaleena is super responsive over text or email and provided our photos way ahead scheduled. End-to-end we couldn't have had a better experience nor have we ever seen a better set of family photos.

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We met Shaleena at the Bridal show of January 2018. We went hoping to cross one item off of our ever-growing list. It was an overwhelming event, to say the least. We stopped, and I briefly chatted with her, it was reassuring that she wasn't enjoying all the chaos either. I won a free engagement session, so it felt meant-to-be. Vince and I are not exactly camera friendly, but Shaleena made us feel a lot more comfortable as time went on. We literally signed our contract with her in the parking lot that same day! Our engagement photos turned out just as beautiful as I was picturing; she also got them all to us that night!!

Ciara + Vince

As the wedding got closer, I received regular emails from Shaleena checking in and hoping we hadn't decided to call it off yet. lol We couldn't have made a better choice in choosing her! She was fun, hard-working and completely dedicated from day one to wedding day. She was on the move the entire wedding! She knew exactly how to make us all laugh and turn those moments in beautiful photos. We couldn't be happier with how our photos turned out. And we will forever be grateful to her for going above and beyond for us.

crystal + Humberto

I was kind of skeptical in the beginning, it's really hard to trust anyone nowadays. When we did meet her she was such a sweet heart. Our photo session was between 11am to 12pm, & I was worried about the sun being too bright & that the pictures were not going to come out well. She proved me wrong! She was so professional & knew exactly how to shoot in the bright sun! Our pictures came out so beautiful! Everyone complemented on our photos. We felt so relaxed & she made us laugh the whole time. I truly recommend Shaleena!! You made our day so very special with our beautiful photographs.