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Vince + Ciara | The Wright House

Ugh these two are the bomb. Super fun, super chill, and full of jokes. And their whole family is that way!!

Vince and Ciara have traveled all over the world together. Real life adventures, not many people, let alone couples under 30, can say they have traveled to as many places as these two have.

I met Vince and Ciara at the Arizona Bridal show. Ciara came up to my booth with her adorable glasses and incredible mermaid hair and immediately was interested in the little keepsake box at the back of my booth. Most brides came up, took a card and a pamphlet and walked away.

Ciara asked if I was the photographer, (which was another amazing thing, because everyone assumed my sister in law was the photographer, and I was the assistant) and I said yes, she said my photos were beautiful, and she wanted to see the little box in the back. So, I brought her right into my booth, grabbed the box, and let her open it.

I almost immediately knew I wanted Ciara to be one of my brides. In fact on her info sheet, I wrote “super bomb couple! Ciara (KIRA) has amazing hair and glasses!” Yes, I wrote about her hair and her glasses.

I motioned to my sister to bring me a “winning” ticket, cause I NEEDED to take her photos. So, when Ciara was excitedly filling out her contact form, Vince walked up. Super quiet, seemed totally stunned by the sheer amount of wedding things in this building, first thing I told him is that they were giving out champagne and alcohol samples in the back. BOTH Vince and Ciara perked up, “REALLY?”

Instant Besties. Obviously.

The Wedding Day!

The day of the wedding started at this ADORABLE little Air Bnb in Tempe, AZ. I walked in and Ciara immediately asked me if I thought this bnb was a photographer’s dream. Yes, yes, it was. Just look at some of their photos from the main part of the bnb.

Ciara’s bridal party was amazing! The bride’s man, Ryan, had me and my assistant, Liv, laughing the whole time. He was dancing, and happy, they all were, full of jokes, and smiles. AND THEY WERE ALL SO NICE!

It’s rare to have a wedding where, EVERYONE is amazing, but this was definitely the case with this wedding. They WERE AMAZING!!!

full of laughs


(the letter, and the first look)

Before Ciara and Vince’s first look they read letters that they had written each other. Ciara didn’t think Vince would want to be photographed, so I asked if she would be okay with having her reading photographed. She said yes. I am so, SO glad that she did. It was beautiful, and the perfect thing to have leading into the first look.

The first look

The Ceremony

Their ceremony was beautiful, short, to the point. Before the ceremony started, Ciara was ready to run off and just elope with Vince. She said that before going down the isle, she asked her dad to tell her about baseball.

Obviously, baseball helped calm Ciara’s nerves as she walked down the Isle to meet the love of her life.


The Dance

There were so many incredible moments from this wedding, but to show them all would take up your whole day. This day was perfect, fun, lively.

They are exactly the couple that I have been waiting for, and I’m so excited for more moments like these in the future, with not just them, but every one of my couples. Thank you!

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to attempt to not drink tequila and figure my life out.

“tits up”


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