The Roman Family | Salt River

Hey guys! Long time no blog. I’d love to use the busy excuse but in reality I’ve been lazy and uninspired. Part of my way back to inspiration was these three..

I have been taking Oscar and Adriana’s photos since day one. My first session with them was actually their engagement photos, back when I thought a Sony Cybershot was a pro-camera, and looking into the sun was okay.

Flash forward to our fourth session together, they have an adorable little man, Levi, and are full fledged parents. Time. Am I right?

This session was my first this summer, and I used both film (Fuji400h) and digital (Mastin Labs.) They inspired me, the three of them, when I honestly felt like quitting. My photos to me were too mixed, not “light and airy” enough. This family helped me realize that, for me, it’s the memories and the people in the photos, not the photos themselves.

So here I am a few months later, inspired, creating more beautiful memories, and I am so ready for more. So, enough about me! Here they are, The Romans.

And that is the end of this gorgeous family’s photos. There are some film photos mixed in there, can you tell which ones?

Either way, I loved this session, and I look forward to watching them develop and grow as a family with our future sessions.

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