The Bell Family | Lost Dutchman State Park

Aw these cuties. Lisa was my team leader at Target, and by was I mean the day after these photos was her last day at my store. *cue sobbing*

I know, I know. People don’t usually get overly attached to their bosses, but I do, and right now I’m 0-2. So being the thing that I do I’d say it’s actually normal.

So the day of our session per the normal for me, I’m overly excited. Lisa had been showing me dresses and outfits for a couple of weeks and we were again, excited.

They pull into my driveway and two boys come running out of the car. Whoa, children who don’t care that you are a stranger!? They’re from the south, everyone is nice there.

Our session took place at Lost Dutchman State Park, pretty golden rays of sunshine coming down on us… But that’s enough from me, let’s take a look at their pretty pictures…

Now say awwwwwww, aren’t they cute?

Thank you Lisa for believing in my work at target and with my photography. I’ll never forget that you hadn’t even seen my photos before hiring me. You just said “you’re my human.” You are the

Hey girl heeey.

Bye <3

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