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So I have been making a bit of a pact with myself to use more film, and when my digital had to be repaired, it ended up being super good that I had started collecting film camera and film, especially since I already had a couple sessions scheduled and hey, people need to send out their holiday cards!

Obviously though, I absolutely did not proceed with these sessions without my client’s permission to photograph their ENTIRE session in 35mm film.

So, a little back story! I met Tammi when my mom started working at Starbucks again (mommy and me Starbucks team, heck yea) and as you know I am now working at Starbucks as well, so she is now a co-worker! Anyway, Tammi and her husband Dino are junior high sweethearts, and you thought high school sweethearts were cute. They have three might I say, very beautiful children, who have awesome names that to be honest, I forgot cause I have a bomb memory. (not) Either way they were really fun to work with and I was super comfortable considering I hadn’t really met them before. So, I’ll just head to the pictures since I am an awful writer. (ha ha, heh)

See what I mean? These kids and this whole family is too pretty, borderline, it’s just not fair.

And of course the car + the film just makes them all look so classic.

And that’s all for this session, more coming from others very very soon!

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