Oakley Robert – Studio Lifestyle Session

This baby. So technically he was a newborn, he was 2ish weeks old, which is much older than the newborns I normally take photos of, but he was perfect. He was an extremely developed baby, super aware and making all the cute little noises in the book, like my heart, my heart man.

Little back story, his mommy is one of the most awesome people, and his daddy is pretty awesome too. I met his momma Brandie when I worked at Starbucks, and I offered to take some photos of her and Cooper. They were super cute and funny, and open to adventures. I think its time for a throwback pic….

Dey tooo cute. Anyway, this was like almost 2 years ago. Now they had this beautiful little baby boy with adorable ginger hair and the most BEAUTIFUL eyes I have ever seen, I mean, EVER. He was obsessed with my flash and started DIRECTLY at my camera lens most of the time, which made for awesome photos.

Since he was older wrapping him up all cute like a little bean was kind of out of the question, so I went into my studio/ guest room and laid out the futon and threw a baby blue blanket over it and rolled with it. The outcome was incredible.

Here is Oakley Robert.

That is a whole lot of really beautiful babies. (someone bring me more!) More blogs coming soon! Stay tuned!

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