My First Birth Experience

Wow, where to start… On Monday June 19, 2017 I had the privilege of being present when one of the most awesome humans gave birth to her last child, and first little girl. When I got the text my first thought was ‘don’t pass out, or throw up, just remain calm and do NOT embarrass yourself.’ Proud to say that I did NOT do any of those things, even though after little Bo was born her momma stared at me making sure I was still present.

Honestly, it was an amazing experience. Especially considering since I know momma to be an incredibly TOUGH and strong willed woman, I still watched her struggle, and cry, and tell herself she couldn’t do it. But she did, all natural, even through an induction which I know to be incredibly painful from my friends’ experiences. But there she was, after having a natural birth, FINALLY, holding her little girl in her arms.

After a many hours of labor, and by labor, I mean the waiting for active labor to start, it was time, and before I knew it, she was here.

We welcomed to the world, Bo Veronica, who was a big, adorable, 9lbs 14oz. And I think immediately, we were ALL in love with her.

I was SO excited to come back to the hospital to see her!

I don’t know how it’s possible for her to have gotten any cuter! She followed the little red light that my flash makes when its focusing. She would stare and stop moving and when it went off she would start wiggling again.

She is already a daddy’s girl I can tell you that much.

Those ROLLS!

I pretty much try not to cry every time I look at these.

I’ll post a blog soon about her newborn session. Which I went all out, and by all out, I mean all the way OUT of my comfort zone!

However, I still slayed.

Till next time todo el mundo!

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