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learn photography and develope your skill to take your best photos no matter what camera you use.

Sometimes breaking into photography can be hard. But I am here to help! While I am mostly self taught, I did shadow other photographers when I was still learning. I watched webinars, studied photography books, checked photography related websites. It was a lot of work.

This is why I would LOVE to help you out. I know where to go, what to do, I can teach you the ins and outs of photography, editing, and creating a brand that reflects YOU. 

Whether you are learning as a hobby, or a profession, it never hurts to have a little help. 



Hands on, in person training is $75 an hour.

Before we get started, I like to know which camera you have, or phone, this way I can read up on the settings and how to work your equipment. 
Each lesson would include a model or models, this way you can learn different posing and how to get genuine responses from your clients. 
I also teach you how to be prepared for a multitude of different lighting situations, including the dreaded HIGH NOON. Hey, if I got this, you got this.


hands on training


Editing sessions are $50 an hour.

During these sessions I will show you how to edit all skin tones, mixed skin tones, bi-racial couples, and more. I also teach you how to easily remove objects from your photos, as well as how to naturally remove blemishes, without that airbrushed look. 

Learning film as well? I'll show you how to match your digital edits to your film scans. 

Editing sessions are done over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


film based editing



You might be my kind of human


Thank you!

It's been a privledge to mentor several photographers who have made their own businesses, I can't wait to help you too!

Nope! Use what you got, even if its your cell phone. Most cell phones still take pretty good photos, and you can learn photo composition with or without a DSLR camera.

do I need a special camera?

Photography gives me energy, it gets me through my days. I have chronic illnesses, so a regular job is really hard for me, so obviously I need the money. However, photography is soooo important to me. Without photos, how would we know our history, how would we see our great grandparents, etc? This is our history. and I am privileged to be apart of it.  

what is photography to you?

I am a strong believer in community over competition. Photography is an art, who am I to deny you the ability to express yourself. So what if you start your own business? Hey man! I support you. If you are just learning to be able to photograph your own family, I support that too. 

Why do you mentor? 

I like to give you a little preview of what you'd be getting. The first mentoring session will be free, after that each session is $75 an hour

How much is a metoring session?

Mentoring sessions are usually about an hour long, sometimes a little more. They can consist of shooting, posing, lighting, editing, and even branding lessons. 

How long is a mentoring session?

Frequently asked ?'s

You have questions? I have answers!