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Johnny & Dayana – Maternity

Where do I begin? I’m so happy for these two! Dayana and Johnny were one of my first ever sessions with a DSLR camera, my little rebel t5, that feels like sooo long ago. Maybe that calls for a throwback picture?

They are still adorable. Anyway, same place, Boyce Thompson Arboretum, my all time favorite location ever. The original plan was Sedona, but Dayana is 38!!! weeks pregnant!! So, we all kind of agreed that the closer the better.

I think that was the best plan <3

Even though it was around 100 degrees we managed to survive the Arizona heat for a few beautiful pictures. They are an amazing couple, and I never see them without being in awe of how much they love each other.

Congrats on your little blessing of a darling girl, and I can’t WAIT for her newborn session to see if she’s a little model like her daddy 😉

Baby A, Coming Soon

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