Ethan + Kira | The Falls Event Center, Gilbert AZ

So, these guys were KA-UTE from the moment I met them at the Arizona Bridal show in January this year. I remember thinking they were SO funny! Well, after that I got a call from Kira, telling me they needed to sign the contract and hire me right away. So, my original, hey lets meet at a coffee shop plan went out the window, when the Panera Bread we were going to go to was CLOSED. So, their response, ‘let’s get barbecue.’ Only the best thing ever.

Sooooo, food is the best way to make me happy, like, no lie. I can eat all day. Anyway. We didn’t even talk about the wedding for a while, they were awesome, like old friends catching up, talking about interests and our tolerance (or not *cough* Kira) of spicy food. For my (second) meet and greet, I realized that they were the exact kind of couple I wanted to work with. Awesome, and their wedding was gonna be a great one, I knew it. BOOM! Contract signed, lets officially document happily ever after!


Kira’s wedding dress was an amazing lacey dream. I adore A-Line dresses. And Kira was a dream. And I swear she was made even more awesome by the fact that she wore her glasses on her big day. (my girl)

Can you tell I am completely obsessed with black and white film?

And the great reveal

Mimosa’s are always relevant

Then we came to the first look. Ethan was so excited and nervous, it was adorable. Too sweet, too cute. You probable can’t tell but Ethan was crying, I didn’t even have to hit him (jk, I dont hit your husbands.. That costs extra.)

The ceremony was equally as adorable. They live streamed everything for the family that lived out of state that couldn’t make it. I’m going to skip posting the ceremony and jump to a couple of the final photos from the wedding.

I wish you two the happiest of lives, and another mural by your favorite artist with little feet jumping on the couch in the future. I hope I can continue documenting your journey. I’m rooting for you two. 100%

-Love, Me

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