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Dillon & Taylor – Summer Wedding

*Warning* this blog post is very long and FULL of photos, please be patient!

Ugh, and I thought I was swooning over their engagement pictures. I wont lie, I cried like a baby when they said their vows. Taylor has been a dear friend since childhood, and I knew Dillon was the one the moment he started coming to our congregation. He was twitter-painted the moment he saw her, we all knew it. I adore these two, and what they mean to each other. Taylor is happiest when she’s barefoot and chasing lizards, and Dillon is happy in his cowboy boots eating burritos in Globe. (which we did do, by the way)

The first look was crazy! Dillon was so excited! And Taylor was incredibly nervous, in her words her heart was pounding in her chest!

Look how excited he is! And her eyes!

“You look so beautiful.”

And of course when one goes to the Arboretum, one must also use the greenhouse

The weather was super hot and fickle, overcast, then sunny, tolerable, then blazing hot. But we survived!!

After the arboretum, Dillon’s response was ‘there is a great burrito place about 20 minutes from here.’ 20 minutes was an understatement but the burritos were great. We found ourselves in Miami, outside of this little place called Burger House where we were going to be getting burritos. Hmm, Burger House for burritos. Okay?

Turned out to be a great idea.

Yes, we did go into a burrito place with a bride and groom completely dressed up. And they all knew him!

I heard “Tony Special” and about freaked, it sounded crazy! So honestly I got a green chili burrito and it was AMAZING! Anyway… Continuing on…

Obviously I took everything as a photo opportunity.

We went to his childhood home as well, he was nothing but happy to be home

One last photo opportunity before the ceremony!


Here comes the bride

He looks so proud.

During the rehearsal, Taylor’s dad was super awkward, but it came to him when he gave his baby girl away.

Taylor’s mom, Jael’s tears got me big time.

The Prayer

Yep! That’s meeee!

Last stop was a spot by Canyon Lake.

Thank you for reading! And I wish Dillon and Taylor every happiness! You deserve the world.

The end

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