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Believe it or not, you’ll probably be using those engagement photos over and over again before the big day arrives. I'm sure you’ll find multiple uses for these fun, casual photographs.
In your engagement session, anything goes! I highly encourage every kind of self-expression, including fashion taste, favorite colors, hobbies, special locations, and anything else that’s unique to you as a couple.
Sometimes couples choose locations where he proposed, others a favorite bar or outdoor spot. I encourage you to incorporate props, pets, hobbies, or anything else that’s special to you! I just love getting creative and having clients bring their own ideas into their engagement session.


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Couples + Engagements Collections begin at 350.
But, before you panic over pricing, send me a message. I have multiple collections with several options, some with prints, and even archival albums. I will gladly tailor your package to you, your family, and your budget. Everyone deserves a photographer they can be confident in.
Send me a message, let's have some coffee or dinner and dream up your perfect session.


what does it cost?



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