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Ciara + Vince’s Arboretum Engagement

This was the first session of many after exhibiting at The Arizona Bridal Show. I was so glad to have met Ciara and Vince, they are a very funny and down to earth couple, and that is exactly why I chose to photograph their wedding next year.

I met Ciara at the bridal show the very last day and we talked for a while and then she won my engagement giveaway. I met Vince too but we didn’t talk much at the bridal show. As with most guys (me too) the bridal show is a circus of crazy and we all want out of that crazy train.

The session of course was better. They were a little awkward at first but there was so much chemistry and love between them they almost made it too easy. They look at each other with so much love and I can’t wait for their wedding next year at The Wright House.

Without further mushy-ness from meeee. Here we go.

Okay so I lied. Here we go.


These moments, right there. I live for those. It’s what keeps me from becoming a bitter 24 year old dog lady.

Ciara’s crazy beautiful Rapunzel hair absolutely made the windy photos

That’s all for these beautiful souls. Stay tuned and get ready, their wedding will be one for the books.

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