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Bowyer Family’s Salt River Session

This is the fourth time I have done pictures for this family, and I love them so much, I can’t even. So, obviously, taking their family photos was super fun. I hadn’t been to the salt river in FOREVER, last time I was there was for engagement photos, and I didn’t really remember much about where I had to go to get the cool spots. To be honest, I probably wont go to that spot again, it’s like.. suuuper dirty, and it makes me sad. RESPECT THE EARTH Y’ALL!!!

Anywaaayyy! This was actually my first time meeting their oldest son, and he is just as nice/awesome as the rest of them, just not quite so into taking pictures. Then again, what 8 year old is? Like, really?

Baby Bo, who you can find earlier this year on the blog, was just as cute as ever. I am still, however, trying to figure out how that nearly 10lb baby at birth is only 12 pounds now at 5 months. She’s so tiny.

This was at like two weeks oldish

Aaaand when I took their pictures.

TELL ME SHE AIN’T THE CUTEST LITTLE THING. (oops, caps lock, I swear..)

Let me stop rambling and get on to these pictures… (also what I do every single blog post. heh.)

Jack,(the little blonde one with the adorable face) cracked me up so bad, with his faces and his cute voice, omg.

And let’s not forget that mamma and papa are still fire (insert fire emojii here)

And mom with the boys

How could you NOT love these faces.

Ended with my favorite picture <3

I don’t do family pictures often, but when I do.

That’s all, laterrrr.

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