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Baby Bo – Newborn

This little one kills me. She’s too perfect for her own good, a total ham. If all that wasn’t enough, she’s gonna be drop dead gorgeous like her mommy and well, the world better watch out for those ladies.

Bo is suuuper calm, so quiet, a major wiggle worm, but that didn’t stop her from being flat out adorable in every picture. I thought my heart was going to explode.

ANYWAY!!! I went out of the usual, baby on a bean bag with some blankets setup, and went with a more muted, tan, greenery, and a bucket. Yep. Completely out of my baby element, not that I had one to begin with, but I thought, hey, there is always plan B(ean bag and blankets)

Plan B was completely unnecessary..

I will start with pictures that her mommy, Barb, sneaked of me. Most everyone who saw these, was “wowed” without even seeing the final product, which honestly, got me even more excited to finish them.

This session used my two, all time favorite Goodwill finds ever. That floor…

And this fringed crochet blanket.

How do you not fall in love with that face?

Believe it or not, I took this on a puck bean bag while her momma was wrapping her up in this gorgeous blanket. Yep, she was an amazing baby.

She made this face after I told her that she looked drunk.

That is all for this post!!! Thanks for checking out my blog of weirdness!

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