Anxiety and Life

I’m not the person who likes to talk about my issues. Let alone on my business website. But, mental health is one of those things that so many people still don’t understand. Consider, for instance, anxiety disorders, which affects 40 MILLION adults age 18 or older in the US alone. 40 MILLION, that’s 18% of the US population.

Why on earth, with so many people affected by this ONE disorder, are people still so weirded out, or offended by the idea of mental illness? I have heard everything possible when I have my moments, like, ‘get over it’ or ‘why don’t you just pray?’ Or even ‘you’re being dramatic, stop being a baby.’ Now, I don’t have those moments often, hardly at all anymore, because of the support of my family and I have a wonderful doctor, and an awesome dog, who is sometimes my literal support when I have problems. Still, they happen, and those times can be the worst.

Now before you think that my anxiety attacks are crying and rocking back and forth on the floor, let me tell you what really happens with most people who have these attacks.

1. Nausea

I usually get this when I get messages that say “we need to talk” or I think I’ve gotten in trouble with someone for some reason. Then of course you get the pesky little monster called:

2. Irrational Thinking.

Oh yes, I’m sure most people get this in general, but do you ever get it sooo much that you start to get dizzy and think of all of the things that can go wrong right down to your own death scenario? Yea, um… me neither… heh.

3. Tremors (Shaking)

I shake for a variety of reasons, including low sugar, but the anxiety tremors is a different story, I almost feel like I’m vibrating, and it doesn’t help the crazy feelings everywhere else either.

4. Irritability

I hate everyone, and everything. Have we met before? No? Doesn’t matter I hate you too. My family immediately knows when I’m having anxiety, because I yell the moment I walk through the door.. Yep.. I’m THAT person.

5. Crying

I said I don’t rock back and forth and cry, okay? I cry like crazy when it happens, sometimes it happens first, but sometimes it’s the last thing that happens, next thing you know you’re waking up with those crazy swollen eyes and you look like the ugly, dingus alien from a really bad TV show.

6. Endless drama

Everything is a fight, everything is the worst, everything makes you mad, everything is awful, and everything is not cool being part of a team.

Needless to say it sucks. And the worst part, is it’s hard to gain control once you have already started to lose your grip on reality. I always feel awful, because anxiety makes it hard to do a lot of daily tasks, and even spending time with my friends. So, if my lovely friends are reading this, I love you guys, and I’m sorry for bailing when my brain was sabotaging me.

If I have any advice for people who have those feelings, try to live boldly, try to break free, find those close people who will just head over to be with you if you can’t get yourself out of your house. Cling to your family, get a pet, love them. If you haven’t gotten help yet, please, do so, you have people who love you, and everyone should have the chance to live their life.

To be cheasy, and quote a movie, which I’m sure some of you will know which one I mean.

“Push yourself. Don’t Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.”

Be good. Nice evening to you. Goooooddddbbyyyeeeee


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